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A New Kind

Of Radiation Oncology Environment

Intuitive Cancer Care

Simplify Workflow

Connect Systems

Unify Oncology Data

A solution for clinicians, researchers and mixed vendors environment. 

As healthcare technology advances and department grow, it is common for a department to purchase equipment from multiple vendors and provide different cancer care solutions to patients. It is always a challenge to connect all the systems together and unify the oncology data. It is often a common sight to see a treatment console with thick patient folders, post it notes and white boards with handwritten scribbles. 

With MedLever solutions, we help to alleviate all these challenges.

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Simplify Workflow

MedLever applications are built on platforms that allow clinicians and researchers to run the system on both mobile devices and desktop.


Efficiency increases when information can be collected, review and generated any time, any where. By simplifying workflow, patient care quality improves and participation rates in clinical trial also increases. Practice productivity increases through reduced phone calls and routine administrative tasks for clinicians and researchers.


Administrative work for administrator also reduces with the increase in usage of electronic systems. 

Simplifying workflow makes life happier.

Connect Systems

Seamlessly interfacing across platforms to present clear and efficient solutions.

MedLever interoperability solutions deliver seamless connectivity and integration with various oncology platforms, shifting focus onto patient, instead of transferring  information. 


Interfaces can be built between departments and hospital systems to synchronize data and connect multiple data sources to department's quality assurance or registry program. This reduces duplication of effort and improve clinical continuity.


MedLever solutions allow users to connect through MedLever API and also able to connect applications built on other platforms including iOS, Android, OSX, Windows or Windows Mobile​.

Unify Oncology Data

MedLever data platform brings information together from multiple systems into one organized data repository.


It support multiple initiatives such as research and quality assurance registries, precision medicine programs and comparative effectiveness studies using a common command and control system. 

MedLever platform provides users with security controls, deciding whom to have access to data and up to what level of detail. It supports trans-geographic collaborations, data consortium as well as local hospital or radiation oncology department's needs. 

Improving information across by collecting and organizing data for rapid analysis.

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