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Encounters™ enable clinicians to see their schedule, patient chart summary, nurse chart prep, documents, forms and assessments all in one place. Improving clinician-patient engagement. 


Orders™ allows physicians to efficiently document their simulation, plan and treatment orders and all supporting data via any mobile devices.


Numbers™ provides an easy-to-access and simplified view of clinical operational  performance at any facility or across multi-location clinics. It displays statistical performance updates in real-time and as frequently as the viewer desires.


 Whiteboards™ is an intuitive, interactive and color-coded whiteboard. It helps dosimetrist to select patients, document completion of tasks and track planning status. Automatic notifications are provided regarding changes in status on the graphical whiteboard.


Streamlines performance, revenue, and compliance. 

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Operations™ suite of applications, streamlines performance, revenue, and compliance. Your oncology  practice gains improved access and a simplified, concise view of operational clinical information using any mobile device or desktop.

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